Divide and Conquer

Use categories to sort & filter employees and their shifts to more manageable size.

Divide and Conquer!

Schedule-Zero is so simple that you can use it to manage a small number of employees quickly. It also has a powerful feature that allows you to manage dozens or even hundreds of employees without losing speed. The secret behind this powerful feature is in its ability to sort and filter a large set of data into a smaller, more manageable size.

When your business has multiple locations, it is reasonable to want to view their schedules separately. Same goes for positions. You want to see everyone's schedule in a location first, then drill down to their positions. Job category, sometimes referred as skill sets or qualification, is another category that is frequently used in employee scheduling.

Depending on your scheduling need, you may need all of those categories, or you may not need any of them. You might have your own set of categories that are specific to your industry, or you can even just make up your own set of categories to logically divide your data into groups.

Using Schedule-Zero, you can define up to 4 custom categories of your choosing. They are all optional, and there is no requirement to define them ahead of time. You can just figure them out as you go, and take advantage of them as your schedule grow.

Categories are first applied to your employees, then they can also be applied the shifts they are working on. An employee might belong to one location by default, but they might be required to work in another location for a particular shift. This is when using a category for the shift to override the employee's default category comes in handy.

Categories are then used to sort and filter many of the view tables. Review only the shift or employees inside a category you want to review. Coverages and absence requests can also be sorted and filtered based on coverage.

Using categories gives you the total control and flexibility over your data. Review the entire schedule for everyone if you like, and assign supervisors to stay focused on the part of the schedule.

Happy scheduling!