Shift Pattern to Simplify Scheduling

Shift Pattern can be used for anyone and can repeat forever!

Introducing Shift Pattern!

We are happy to introduce a new feature in Schedule-Zero. You can now create a Shift Pattern and assign it to anyone in your organization. With this feature, you are no longer limited to copying shifts from the previous week. Shift Pattern makes it possible to implement a type of schedule such as "4 days work, 2 days off" or "3 days work, 1 day off, 2 days work, then 2 days off."

Shift Pattern can be as short as 2 days and can be as long as 4 weeks. You can implement a long pattern that has some shifts on one week, then a totally different set of shifts on the next weeks.

Create a Shift Pattern and reuse!!

You can also harvest a Shift Pattern from the schedule you currently have. If you've already scheduled someone whose shifts resemble a pattern they should be repeating, simply click on the first shift to bring up a dropdown menu then select "Create a Shift Pattern from..." menu. That's it! You can further modify the pattern and adjust the length of the pattern. Then give it a name and save. It's ready to be assigned to anyone in your organization.

You can then assign a Shift Pattern to your employees. You can specify the date on when the pattern should start for the employee and optionally specify the end date. If the end date is missing, the pattern will go on indefinitely.

Preview and Assign a Shift Pattern

Once the assignment is done, future schedule for the assignee will be created using the Shift Pattern, until the assignment ends or another pattern takes over.

We at Schedule-Zero hope those updates will make it easier to create more shifts and share them with your employees!