Repeating shifts and dropdown updates

Shift often repeats, so we made it simple to make that happen!

Repeat shifts easily and quickly

We made some improvements to how shift editing works. The dropdown menus to edit shifts are now streamlined to be more useful. Related menus are grouped together, and they take less space on your screen. The update should make shift editing more intuitive and faster to perform.

Updated dropdown
Related menus are grouped together

We also introduced a menu to Repeat a shift. When you create a shift and want it to be repeated on the following days, you can bring up this menu and click the number of days you wish it to be repeated. Schedule-Zero will then create those repeated shifts for you. You can just repeat it once, or up to the number of days there are until the end of the week.

If you do not like the result, you can always undo by clicking on the Undo button, or simply using the Control-z on your keyboard. If you undo by mistake, you can then use the redo feature by clicking the Redo button, or type the Shift-Control-z to redo, as with all the other shift editing actions.

Schedule-Zero will not create a repeated shifts if it would cause a conflict with another pre-existing shift. Action to repeat are recorded as Events and you can always trace the history of by whom and when the repeated shifts were created.

The dropdown to create a new shift has be reworked as well. The menu now contains the list of the most frequently used start and end time from across all of your workspace. It also lists the hours you used most recently.

Updated dropdown
Both recent and most frequent time spans are listed

We at Schedule-Zero hope those changes will make it easier to create more shifts and share them with your employees!