Shift Posting

Post a shift and look for volunteers!

Post a shift and seek volunteers

Sometimes, you need to create a shift but do not know who can fill that position. Perhaps someone took a day off, and you are not sure who is available to fill in for that person. In such cases, it would be convenient to just post a shift, let your employees know, and see who volunteers.

Create a post and look for volunteers

Once a shift is posted, your employees get a notification on its availability. They will be able to browse when the shift is, whether it's an overtime, and optionally what categories (such as Location and Position) it is in. They can also check if they have a conflicting shift before volunteering.

Let your employees know so that they can volunteer

Browse the list of volunteers in the order they volunteered. You can accept the first person, or continue to browse the list to see who else might be a better fit. Once you decide who should take the shift, simply click the Accept button. The accepted employee is notified immediately that a new shift has been created for them.

See who is the best fit for the shift

Happy Scheduling!