Keep track of everything

Need to trace who created what and when? We have you covered!

We got you covered!

When someone creates a schedule and others make changes to it, it can quickly become impossible to tell how you've arrived to the final schedule. Who made the decision to grant that overtime? Who approved those absences and why? Even worse, a malicious actor can create excess overtimes and approve unjustified absences, causing you to waste thousands of dollars.

Imagine if you are unable to explain how a time off that was once approved is now somehow showing as denied, and the employee who was expecting a day off is now scheduled to work? Scenario such as this leads to loss of trust and morale among employees, and it can even turn into a legal liability.

To prevent this nightmare scenario, Schedule-Zero keeps track of detailed accounting of every changes that are made to your data. This is done automatically on our central server, and there is nothing you need to do to use this feature. We keep track of who made the changes, what changes were made, and when.

Schedule-Zero keeps track of every change made to the following

Most data has an associated View History function which displays the complete history of the data from its creation. Administrators also has a dedicated master panel that shows all the history of all data. Never be dumbfounded when a mystery shift shows up on your schedule. Track it down and leave nothing to chance!