Free Android app now available

Free, Full featured Android app is now available at Google Play Store

Free full featured Android app!

We are happy to announce the release of our fully featured Android app. It's now available for free at Google Play Store. Using our app, you can create shifts, monitor coverages, manage absences, and communicate with your employees using our social media style messaging feature. If you are an administrator, you can also perform all the administrative tasks such as setting up categories, granting other members more authorities, and even sign up for the premium tier.

If you are a regular member in your organization, the app offers various ways to view your upcoming shifts, request absences, and communicate with your supervisors about your schedule.

Ready to install? Click the link below from your android device and click the Install button.

All the features that are supported in our browser version are supported in our mobile app, but there were two important alterations we had to make. They are both discussed below.

In a desktop browser, you are using a mouse to click on a shift. This allows you to perform what is known as a "context click." In Windows, for an example, this is performed by right-clicking on your mouse, and it causes a dropdown menu to show. In a mobile app where you are using your fingers, this gesture is not available. Instead, on mobile, just tap on the shift to bring up the "Edit Shift" dialog and scroll down until you see all the context menus provided there as links.

Since our app is not running on a browser, we do not have an option to display our docs in a separate tab. On our browser app, when you click on any of the "Learn more about..." link, a relevant doc is displayed in a separate tab. This is not possible in a mobile environment. Instead, our mobile app will bring up the default browser in your mobile device, and the help doc will be displayed in the external browser. To go back to our app, simply click on the "Back" button on your Android device, or close the browser.

And you might be asking, "what about an app for IOS?." We are working on that currently, and expecting to have it ready within a next few weeks. We will post a separate announcement when that's ready in the App Store.