Schedule0 : Best employee scheduling solution in cloud

Build schedule with ease

  • Build schedule quickly using drag & drop, shortcut menus, and undo/redo.
  • Schedule just a few employees or hundreds without losing speed.
  • Use customizable categories to sort & filter employees and shifts to manageable size.
  • Take advantage of our modern UI that adjusts seamlessly to look and work great on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
Build Schedule with Ease

Never miss a beat

  • Everyone is notified the moment you publish a schedule.
  • Changes to published schedule are immediately notified to all affected parties.
  • Discuss everyone's schedule using the intuitive social media style posts & comments.
  • Get acknowledgements when employees see changes to their schedule.
  • You and your employees are always in sync.
Never Miss a Beat

Check your coverage instantly

  • View your real-time coverage in a simple graph.
  • Identify shortages the moment they appear.
  • Plot overtimes and absences to show when excessive overtime and time off might be taken.
  • Instantly grasp the status of your week's schedule.
Check your coverage instantly

Manage absence requests

  • View absence requests as a list or directly in your inbox.
  • Discuss absence request using social media style posts & comments.
  • Employees can request a partial absence, and you can approve all or a part of the request.
  • Review and approve/deny absence request directly from your inbox and from your mobile devices.
Manage absence requests

Let employees view & manage their shifts from anywhere!

  • Everyone can see their up-to-date schedule on their phone, tablet, and desktop.
  • Request absence or post a discussion about your shift from anywhere.
  • Get a monthly, weekly, or daily view of your schedules ahead.
Manage absence requests

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