Posted Shifts Page

To display the Posted Shifts Page, click the Supervise menu at the top menu bar, then use the View dropdown and select Posted Shift.

Posted shift is a shift that's not yet assigned to anyone. When you need someone to work on a shift but do not have anyone particular assigned, you can post it and seek volunteers.

Posted Shifts Page supports Paging, Sorting, and Filtering. Refer to Paging, Sorting, Filtering for more information.

Following tasks can be performed from the Posted Shifts Page.

Post a Shift

Use the Post Shift button at the top right of your screen to post a new Shift. When a dialog comes up, specify the following:

  • Which day of week the shift is to be created.
  • Start and end time of the shift.
  • Count - how many volunteers are you seeking?
  • Note to be shown to the volunteers and copied to the shift being created.
  • Whether the shift being created is a regular shift or overtime.
  • Categories (optional, see below)

If your workspace is using Categories, you can specify them when creating a Posted Shift. Volunteers whose categories match the shift categories will be shown in green. Employees whose categories do not match can still volunteer, but they will be shown in the warning yellow color.


Posted Shifts are published along with regular Shifts when the week's schedule is published. In other words, when you create a Posted Shift, and the Week is not yet published, the Posted Shift is not visible to your employees. Only after you publish the week, your employees will see them, and they can start to volunteer for them.

Edit Posted Shift

You can edit a Posted Shift after you create it, provided it does not have a volunteer yet.

  • Locate a Posted Shift you'd like to modify.
  • Click on that table row to bring up an editor. Modify its setting as needed.
  • When finished, click the Save Changes button.

Once you have a volunteer, you can no longer edit the Posted Shift. An attempt to bring up the edit will bring up the Review and assign Volunteers instead.

Review and assign Volunteers

Once you have volunteers, the menu to edit the Posted Shift will instead show a list of volunteers. From here, you can decide whether a shift should be created and a volunteer should be assigned to that shift.

Volunteers will be listed in three different ways.

  • Green - when the volunteer has no conflict, and all categories match.
  • Yellow - when the volunteer has no conflict, but one or more categories match. do not match
  • As Conflict - when there is a shift that's in conflict with the Posted Shift.

It is up to you to decide whether a volunteer can be accepted in spite of categories mismatch.

If there is a conflict, the conflicting hours must be cleared before you can accept the volunteer. To clear the conflict, edit the conflicting shift to remove the overlapping hours, or delete the conflicting shift.

Delete Posted Shift

Follow the steps below to delete a Posted Shift

  • Locate a Posted Shift you'd like to delete.
  • Click the ellipses icon at the right most column.
  • Select the Delete option from the dropdown menu.

Deleting a Posted Shift has no effect on the Shift that was already created. In other words, if you've already accepted a volunteer, and a shift was created as result, deleting the Posted Shift will not delete the shift that was created.