Paging, Sorting, and Filtering

Many data table in Schedule-Zero supports paging, sorting, and filtering. They reduce the number of data that needs to be displayed, and they can be powerful tools when managing a large set of data.


When the number of data is larger than 20, the table is automatically paged. For an example, when you have 30 members, only the first 20 will be displayed on the first page and the remaining 10 will be shown on the second page.

To flip though the pages, use the paging widget at the bottom left of the screen. Note that this widget does not display when there are less than 20 items to display.

A quicker way to flip through the pages is to use the Right and Left arrow keys on your keyboard.


Table columns that displays the small gray Up and Down Arrow on the header can be sorted. Sort is performed on the whole data, meaning even when the paging is used the sorting will sort across the entire set of pages.

For an example, if you are on the page 10 of the Member's Page, and you are reviewing a member whose first name starts with "A", if you then sort the table by the First Name, the member you were reviewing will now show up on the page 1.

To sort, click the table header

  • Once to sort data on the descending order.
  • Click Again to sort data on the ascending order.
  • Click Again to clear the sort and go back to the natual order of the table.


A large table with many pages can be filtered down for easier access to the data you want to see. Filtering requires the use of Categories. To learn more about Categories, refer to the Categories Page.

To filter data, use the Filter By: dropdown list at the top left of the page.

When your screen size is small (likely when you are using Schedule-Zero on mobile), the Filter By buttons might be collapsed inside a Setting Button to save space.

For an example, let's say you have a category defined for Location and it consisted of category items like "San Francisco", "New York", and "Denver". At the top of Members Page, you should see a dropdown menu titled "Location". Click that and selecting "New York" will show you all the members whose Location is set as New York.