My Schedule Page

To display My Schedule Page, click the My Schedule menu on the top menu bar.

On mobile devices, menus might be collapsed into a hamburger menu in the top right corner. Click the hamburger first, then select My Schedule.

My Schedule Page is accessible by all Members, and it shows all the published schedule for a member.

Following are the tasks you can perform in My Schedule Page.

Switching Views

Use the View dropdown menu at the top left of the page to switch between the following views.

  • Upcoming Shifts
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Posted Shifts

Upcoming Shifts

This view will list your upcoming shifts in chronological order. Keep scrolling down to see your future shifts, and click any of the shifts to see the detail.

If you are using a mobile device, this is probably the easiest view to use. If you are using a larger screen, you might find other views useful as well.

Day, Week and Month

Selecting Day, Week, or Month will display your shifts in a calendar view.

  • Use the Flip Buttons to see your schedule in other time periods
  • Click a shift to view its detail
Posted Shifts

Selecting this menu will display all the Shifts that were posted by your supervisors. They are currently not assigned to anyone, and you can volunteer to be considered for the assignment. Your supervisor will make a decision on who among the volunteers will be assigned to the shift.

See the View Posted Shifts and Volunteer for more information.

Flipping through Time Periods

Use the green arrow buttons at the top center of the page to flip through the selected time periods. For an example, if you are in the monthly view, clicking on the left arrow will take you to the previous month, and clicking on the right arrow will take you to the next month. Weekly and Daily view works similarly.

View Shift Details

Click a Shift to bring up a Shift Details dialog. The Shift dialog contains the following...

  • Start time, end time, and duration
  • Whether it's an overtime, absence, or a regular shift
  • The shift's category, such as a location or a position, if categories are used in your workplace
  • A button to make an Absence Request
  • A button to ask questions about the shift

View Posted Shifts and volunteer

Select the Posted Shifts from the View menu to show shifts that are currently not assigned to anyone. You can use this panel to view information about a posted shift, and if you'd like to pick up that shift you can volunteer to be assigned by your supervisor.

The Volunteer button will be shown in a different color based on how closely you match the shift being offered.

  • Green - All categories match and you are a good candidate for the shift.
  • Yellow - One or more shift categories do not match, but your supervisor may still assign you the shift.
  • Red - You have another shift that conflicts with the shift being posted. You can still volunteer, and your supervisor may choose to resolve the conflict then assign you the shift.

Once you volunteer, the Volunteer button will go away. It will be replaced by a white Withdraw button. If you decide to cancel your request and un-volunteer, click on the button to remove your request.