Dashboard Page

To view the Dashboard, click the Dashboard menu on the top bar.

On mobile devices, menus might be collapsed into a hamburger menu in the top right corner. Click the hamburger first, then select Dashboard.

Table inside the Dashboard Page works with Paging. Refer to the Paging for more.

The Dashboard Page displays some quick information about your workspace. It has two main sections.

Charts and Quick Links

The top section of the Dashboard shows some charts and links to let you navigate quickly.

  • Active Members - shows how many members you have, and how many are supervisor and administrators
  • Shifts - shows the number of shifts week after week
  • Links
    • Current Week - jump quickly to view scheduling page for the current week.
    • Next Week to Create - display the page for the next week in which to create schedule.
    • Refer to Starting a New Week for more information
    • Upcoming Unpublished Schedule - jump to the next week that's not yet published.

List of Scheduling Weeks

The bottom part of the Dashboard lists all the weeks you've scheduled and their publishing status.

This table works with Paging. Refer to the Paging for more information.

Click a row to jump to that week's schedule. Refer to Supervisors Page for more information.