Company Profile Page

To view the Profile Page, click the Administrate menu, then click the Profile and Subscription submenu.

You can perform the following actions in the Company Profile Page.

How to edit your company name

Your company name is used when Inviting new members to join Schedule-Zero. Invitees may feel more secure about clicking the invitation link and registering if they recognized your company name.

Follow the steps below to change your company name.

  • Click the edit icon next to the company name
  • Enter your company name and click Save Changes button.

How to Update your Subscription

Use the Your Subscription panel to manage your subscription to Schedule0.

Follow the instruction below when you are ready to upgrade to the Premium tier.

  • Click the Go Premium button.
  • You will be redirected to a checkout page hosted by Follow the instruction on that page to complete checkout.
  • When the checkout is completed, your browser will redirect you back to When the app restarts, all the premium features should be available to you.

If you are a current subscriber, a link will appear here instead that'll let you manage your subscription. Clicking on the link will redirect you once again to a page hosted by There, you can review your transaction, update your payment methods, update your billing email & address, and cancel subscription if needed.

Free preview of the premium features

During a preview period after you sign up with Schedule-Zero, some premium features will be visible to you. Those may include Absence Request, Coverages, and Messages among others. Access to those features will expire once the preview period is over. If you wish to continue using the premium features, please visit the Update your Subscription page and sign up with the premium subscription