Requesting Absence

Following topics cover the basic lifecycle of Absence Requests

Create an Absence Request

You can request an absence through the following pages

When a shift is assigned to you, and you wish to request an absence, click that shift to bring up a Shift dialog. Click the Request Absence button to get the process started.

Request an absence for a part of your shift

Sometimes, you might wish to take just few hours off rather than being absent from the whole shift. Use the following steps to request a partial absence.

  • Follow the steps above to bring up an Absence Request dialog
  • Click the Partial Request radio button
  • Specify the start and/or end time that's different from the assigned Shift
  • The start and end you specify must fit inside the assigned shift. For an example, if your shift is from 10am to 5pm, your partial request must start on or after 10am and end on or before 5pm.

Reviewing Absence Request

Once an Absence Request is created, it must be reviewed by a Supervisor to be approved or denied. Supervisors may choose to further discuss the request with the requester before making a decision.

There are two places from which Supervisors can review Absence Requests.

  • From the Messages Page
  • A post will be created for each Absence Request that are submitted, and Supervisors will get a notification in the Messages Page. Supervisors can review/approve/deny the request directly from the Message Page.
  • From the Absence Request Page
  • Absence Requests for the shifts assigned in any given week are displayed in the Absence Requests view under the Supervisor's Page. Refer to Absence Request Page for more information.

Withdraw your Request

You can withdraw your absence request that are not yet approved or denied. Follow the steps below to withdraw your request.

  • Locate your Absence Request in the Message Page
  • Filtering the messages to display only the Absence Requests, and further filtering them by dates may help you locate the request faster.
  • Click the Withdraw button
  • The withdraw button is only available when the request status is submitted