Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Schedule-Zero. If you are new to the application, this guide will walk you through to get you on your way!

Schedule-Zero is a flexible and powerful employee scheduling solution that can be used to manage hundreds of employees, and still it is quick and simple to use for a company with just a few employees.

Sign up to Schedule-Zero if you have not done so already. To sign up, use your email address and create a password of your choice. To better protect your data, the password you use should be different from ones you've used. You can also create an account using Google or Facebook which should give you a quicker access.

Once you are registered, you should land on the Messages Page where you will see some quick links to help you navigate around the app.

The initial workspace contains some sample Shifts and Coverages. Go ahead and poke around to get yourself familiar. When you land on a new page, click the button at the top navigation bar to bring up a help doc associated with that page.

Add more Members

When you first create an account, you become an administrator for your workspace. Please note that while you can add or remove other administrators, there will need to be at least one administrator present at any given time.

To add your employees to your workspace, head over to the Members Page, then click the Add Member button in the top right corner. Enter an email address, and Schedule-Zero will send an invitation to join. When the invitee completes registration, they will join Schedule-Zero as a regular member. Visit the Authorized Members page if you wish to further update the new member's access level.

Schedule-Zero currently supports 3 access levels.

  • Administrator - can access all areas of the application
  • Supervisor - can access to all areas of the application except for the Administration Page
  • Member - can only access the My Schedule Page and Messages Page. Please note this means they cannot only see schedule that has been Published.

Navigating Through the Application

Use the top menu bar to navigate to various areas of the application.

  • Administrate - change member authority, view Events, manage Inactive Users, manage Invited Users, and edit your Company Profile
  • Dashboard - get a bird's eye view of your workspace and scheduling tasks in progress
  • Members - manage your employee profiles, create Shift Patterns and Assign Shift Patterns to Members .
  • Supervise - edits Shifts, mark overtime and absences, then publish them from here
  • This is also the place you can work with Coverages and Absence Requests.
  • My Schedule - this is where your employees will see their published schedule
  • Messages - get a notification about your published schedule, Absence Requests, and more...

Logging In & Out

When you are done with your scheduling tasks, use the logout menu at the top menu bar to exit Schedule-Zero. Please note that simply navigating away may not log you out. Be sure to log out completely when you are using a shared device to prevent unauthorized access to your account.